sunday may 25, 2012

  • The Opportunity

    World markets are becoming integrated in a constant evolution of technology and cultural cross-pollination. Companies can grow rapidly by paying close attention to the transformation of their customer base and the latest delivery technologies.

    Tomorrow's leaders will be the companies who successfully adapt to these changes in international commerce. As the major world economies and interdependent trading partners, the USA and the major markets in Asia provide the most dramatic opportunities to companies in each country that take the initiative to reach out to the other country’s customers and markets.


    USA-Direct uses the latest technologies and emerging practices to achieve the best results for our customers.


    USA-Direct meets and exceeds customer targets and goals by adhering to and evolving the best practices of the leaders in each industry and market in which we participate.


    Our innovation and execution mean results for our customers — the bottom-line reason to work with USA-Direct for your next international sales or distribution project.

  • Skilled Personal Communication - the Key to International Business Success

    Native-language Support
    Our customer support staff comes from around the world to San Francisco. They understand your customers and their needs.

    Direct Sales Experience
    We are experienced with compensation plans, incentives and promotions, and what motivates leaders and teams.

    Hands-on Partnerships
    Your international customers expect very personal attention and service. Through fax, phone and email, we provide it.

    Go Virtual and Save the Planet
    By taking advantage of our US-based customer support, you can be in business in Asia instantly, without increasing your carbon footprint!

    Been There, Done That
    Because our staff is from the countries and neighborhoods of your customers, they can listen for what is really going on under the words.

    Save for a Rainy Day
    Leverage our staff skills and experience to get outstanding customer service without the outstanding overhead.

    Customer Retention is Key

    Our client companies spend millions to bring customers in the door. Our job is to facilitate customer / client communications so those customers stay as loyal as possible for as long as possible. We know that customer retention frees your field leaders to build successful teams.

    Be There Now

    Don't wait to enter an attractive market until you can develop the language systems. Opportunity today can be gone next week! Let us support you in communicating with your new customers.

  • Build Your Business Your Way


    Move rapidly, and seize your opportunities! USA-Direct will work with your existing software, products, and sales strategies so you can build sales through Not For Resale programs that let you evaluate your options and build results without committing unrecoverable capital or losing flexibility.

    USA-Direct is a registered importer of cosmetics, supplements and medical devices.

    NFR to Hybrid to OTG

    Our experienced staff will work with you to scale your support program and local footprint as your sales grow. From NFR programs, through "Hybrid" programs — in which we register, warehouse and distribute your products for legal resale, but you don't need to register a local entity — to full On The Ground operation with local staffing, USA-Direct can adjust with your rate of growth to keep your costs under control and your opportunity in reach.

    Act local, feel local, be local while retaining control of your business.

  • Change Languages without Losing Your Marketing Impact

    Translation is simply not enough for sales. Selling requires an understanding of the customer's culture, values and hot buttons. Successfully delivering your direct sales message in another country requires languages skills, plus cultural awareness and a deep understanding of the direct sales business.

    USA-Direct has the skills, knowledge and production experience to deliver your message to new markets across a wide range of media. Direct communication from corporate is the only way you can control your message, and ultimately control your market. Sales agents are hungry for the "story," and if the company doesn't provide it in a form they can use, they will create their own. These uncontrolled local marketing efforts can undermine your larger program.

    Print Media

    For inserts, flyers, brochures, banners, labels, product packaging and more, USA-Direct can reproduce your existing English media in localized formats. We can work with your vendors or provide complete turn-key deliverables.


    Direct Sales companies frequently have complex, database-driven websites. We speak both graphics and "tech," so we can enable our clients to do rapid, effective, localized content updates to their corporate and promotional sites.


    Is your company a video powerhouse? Why not multiply your impact with sales-savvy subtitles or voiceovers in the languages of your emerging international markets? USA-Direct get your multimedia assets selling for you.

  • Reliable, Cost-Effective Product Delivery

    To grow a consumer-related business in a foreign country requires effective product delivery. But too often shipping logistics, local infrastructures and government regulation turn this critical piece of the puzzle into a disaster.

    USA-Direct has successfully shipped millions of dollars worth of consumer products into foreign markets for personal use. We are constantly evaluating the best available shipping products for supporting your customers. Our experience makes the difference in terms of getting the job done in a way that supports your marketing goals.

    Japanese Importing

    When you are ready to move beyond personal imports, USA-Direct can import your products to Japan

    We offer turn-key coordination of testing certification, government import approval, import inspection and relabeling, warehousing and fulfillment.

    Scalable Shipping Costs

    Don't pay for the infrastructure to handle high shipment volumes before you need them. Use our in-place staff and systems to cost-effectively ship to even a small number of customers.

    Japan RMA Processing

    Our local Japan receiving facility can cut the shipping costs and momentum-stealing delays caused by customer product returns.

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